Gingerbread Cookies


The first time I had a gingerbread man was at Panera‘s in Oregon. It was love at first bite. All the spices are just so comforting and the nice soft texture is just amazing.

I’ve been craving for these for a while. Since Easter actually. I know, it’s weird. Gingerbread and Easter has nothing in common, other than Hot Cross Buns. Both of them contains spices! And I totally wanted to make gingerbread man, but I couldn’t find any man-shaped cookie cutters at the local stores. So, I had to settle with just plain ol’ round cookies.

This is my first time making gingerbread cookies, so I had low expectations. I wanted to make them crunchy, like how I like all my cookies to be. These turned out to be absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I expected them to be: crunchy, ginger-y and not too sweet. They have a slight crunch, but nothing too snappy. Love! And Kai totally approved of these. He’s eating them by the handful.



2 thoughts on “Gingerbread Cookies

  1. They look so good! Now I’m craving for something gingery 😉

    p/s: looking forward to reading more of your baking experiences!

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