Frozen Yogurt


Pardon the not-so-pretty presentation of my latest concoction. I promise it tastes better than it looks.

Now, who likes frozen yogurt? Me! Me! I’ve even manage to convert Kai (the husband) to like frozen yogurt, even though he doesn’t eat a single bit of yogurt (even if it’s sweetened).

I saw Jamie Oliver in one of his 30-minute-meal episode, and he was making this. And that was like an Aha! moment for me. I kid you not. I was literally going on about how ingenious this is, and start to think about when’s the next time I’m going grocery shopping so that I could get some frozen fruits. Who am I kidding right? I can’t wait till next week’s grocery trip, I have to get this tonight! So, off I went to get me some frozen fruits that night.

The recipe is so easy and versatile. You can make this with any frozen fruits you like: berries, mangos etc. I bet you can even use fresh fruits, though I haven’t try that out myself yet.

Here’s what I used:
350g frozen mixed berries
300g plain low fat yogurt (unsweetened), approximately
Zest of 1 lemon
4 tablespoons of runny honey, approximately


And here’s everything in the blender. Ready to go. You could use a food processor too.


Ta da! Just look at that texture and color. I had a scope straight away, and it was good. Just keep the rest in Tupperware and chuck them in the freezer for later.

If you prefer a creamier texture, just substitute the plain yogurt with Greek yogurt. But you might want to experiment with the amount you need. I suspect you might need more of that.

Let me know if you tried this out. And any great fruit suggestions for me would be great too.


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