Lemon Muffins

When life gives you lemons…you make lemon muffins!

Lemons were on sale at the grocery store a week ago. My shopping instinct took over and I just load my cart up with them, even though I didn’t have any plans to use them for the week. This is when I dug out a lemon muffin recipe that I have, stashed away in the cloud.

This recipe produced the fluffiest muffin I’ve ever tasted. No kidding. I was blown away. I’m definitely going to modify it to suit other filings too: blueberry, chocolate chip etc.

Anyone care to share their awesome muffin experience?


6 thoughts on “Lemon Muffins

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  3. I have once made lemon and mango muffins and they were an absolute delight! Especially the lovely grated lemon zest, which took the experience to another level. I just love the smell of lemon ❤

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