Favorite Baking Powder

Is it weird that I have a favorite baking powder brand? I kid you not. I do. Kai thinks that it’s all just in my head, and that all baking powders are created as equals.

So far, I’ve tried 3 different baking powder brands, and I’ve met my favorite. It’s the Royal Baking Powder. Between the 3 that I’ve tried, Royal consistently produces the best result. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Without fail.

Royal is not a local brand here, so it’s relatively hard to come by. In fact, I stumbled upon it by chance. That night, I desperately needed baking powder, so I just went to the grocery department in the mall after gym, and that’s the cheapest baking powder they have (which is still more expensive than the other 2 I’ve tried before). At that time, I’ve never heard of Royal brand, but I bought it anyways, cause I was desperate.

And the rest is history. I hope they never stop bringing in Royal to this country, or else I’d be devastated.

Do you have a favorite brand for a specific ingredient? Do share!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Baking Powder

    • The last time I got it from Cold Storage at Gurney Plaza. But I can’t seem to find it tonight. I was actually there just 3 hours ago, looking for it. =(

    • Guess what?! I found this today! ~happy dance~
      Found it at Carrefour (1st Avenue), and it’s the jumbo 450g jar. They still have 3 jars left. 🙂

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