Bagels (Definitely worth a second try)

I didn’t grow up with bagels. Tasted my first bagel when I was 15, and that didn’t go so well. Nobody told me that I should at least heat it up a tiny bit before consuming, and not eat it when it’s at New-Jersey-spring temperature. Lets just say I avoided bagels ever since. Then fate brought us back together when I was 18, when I accidentally ordered ham and cheese bagel (I thought it comes with normal bread! Never order when you’re half awake.). After that, I can’t get enough of it.

I guess when it comes to bagels, we never get along the first time around. My first attempt at making bagels didn’t go as expected. For starters, they turned out really really wrinkle-y. And when I try to pick them up for the “hot bath”, their shape became all wonky. Sigh. And that’s not the end of it, the thing didn’t even turn out as chewy. Total failure.

As I was telling Jing about my failed attempt, she pointed me to Kam’s bagels. I was a bit skeptical at first, due to my failed first attempt. But I gave it a go anyway (cause I desperately wanted some bagels).

How did it go? Perfect, chewy bagels. Period. That’s all I could say. And it still taste just as good the next day. I’d gladly make these again and again. Definitely a keeper.

I like my bagels toasted. Every time. No exception. And here’s my breakfast: toasted bagel with butter and jam, and a cup of latte. Perfect!

How do you like your bagels?


3 thoughts on “Bagels (Definitely worth a second try)

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