Mother’s Day Last-Minute-Gift

This year, I had it all planned out. Usually I’d just go buy something from the mall and wrap it up for my mum. But no. How can I pass on the chance to make a full fledge cake, complete with fillings and frosting. So, I bought everything needed to make my first green tea cake.

After a couple of misleading illustrations and a frustrated baker, the cake collapsed after baking and I had nothing but a container of unopened whipping cream and self-prepared sweet red bean. Sigh. I was gloomy for the rest of the day.

In the end, I pack up my manicure tools and a couple of nail polish, and announced that I’m going to give my mum a mani session as her Mother’s Day gift. She was happy as a clam. So in the end, it wasn’t that bad after all.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?


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