Dorset Cereals (I’m Glad I Found You)

Okay, I’m going to go straight to the point and say: I LOVE Dorset Cereals. There! I said it. And I’m proud to gush all over a cereal (cause I’m a breakfast person, remember?).

I’m always at the cereal aisle looking for new or interesting breakfast cereals to try. I’ve probably try most of what they have at the supermarket. Or so I think. Somehow, Dorset seems to have flew under my radar. Maybe it’s cause they are always at the very top of the shelfs.

The first time I had Dorset Cereals was at my mother’s place. And she doesn’t even like cereal! It was my aunt (who stays with us) who bought it. When I saw the word “muesli” printed on the box, I was like “eww”. Every single muesli I’ve tried up till then, I hated them. But that day, I tried it anyways, and I never regretted that. It was the best muesli I’ve ever had. Period. From then on, Dorset Cereals has earned a special place in my heart.

So far, I’ve tried 4 different varieties from their range, and I love all of them. Both the muesli and granola range are absolutely tasty. My favorite would be the Roasted Hazelnut & Raisin muesli. I like their no-nonsense ingredients, and does not contain ingredients that my grandmother can’t pronounce. And they taste really, really good.

All these talking about Dorset makes me want to go get a bowl now. Do you have a favorite cereal?


4 thoughts on “Dorset Cereals (I’m Glad I Found You)

  1. Hi there! Followed your link from PB’S blog post today. The Dorset cereal caught my eye & interest. I love the Food for health life food. Really nice muesli and gluten free too. That is always a plus point for me when scouring the supermarket isle.

  2. I used to love Dorset too! Until I found a dead worm in one of the packets… haven’t bought one since then 😦 But I have to say, they’re so much better than those average sugar-laden cereals!

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