Shortbread Cookies

Curiosity got the best of me. I’m usually not a cookie person, but I’m just very curious on the whole shortbread cookie business. Like, how do you make it so buttery and so addictive?

This time, I packed up Kirbie’s recipe and my curiosity, and start off with my first Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie attempt.

Not so pretty, eh? Yes, yes, it’s not the prettiest thing I’ve made. After countless freezing, cutting, baking, freezing, cutting and baking, this is what I got. And they’re suppose to be square. Not square-ish.

One thing is for sure, it’s not the recipe’s fault. The cookie is so very addictive! Kai asked for 4 jars of these for his birthday (Kai’s my husband, not my 5-year-old cousin). And these got the tasting gang fighting over the bag of cookies. Let me tell you, looks can be deceiving. They look plain and boring, but it’s full of buttery flavor with a nice snap. Not snappy snap, but just a teeny bit crunch to make it that much more addictive. And the chocolate chips just add that little bit of extra something something. Oh so good…

Now I have a mission: To figure out how to make them look better. I’m thinking that I should probably freeze them, then cut, and freeze them again before popping them into the oven. That way, they should hold their shape better. Right? Or maybe I’m just talking nonsense.


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