CBTL Caramel Cream Rooibos Tea

Who says we have to choose between coffee and tea? I love coffee and I love tea. Who’s with me?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf always has the most interesting tea infusions. I’ve seen lychee + black tea, mango + green tea etc. Recently, I saw the Caramel Cream Rooibos in one of their outlets, and I just have to get it. I think I’ve said this one too many times, I love caramel.

You’d think that there’s sugar in the tea bag, right? But, no. There’s no sugar whatsoever. It’s just rooibos tea and marigold flower, plus some natural flavoring. I’ve had rooibos by itself before, but this is something else. With the added marigold and caramel cream flavor, it makes the tea much more interesting. It has a smooth caramel and honey flavor to it. I love it with a bit of milk and no sugar at all. I’ve tried it with a teaspoon of honey, and it tastes really good too.

They do serve this in-store, which they make it with milk and their in-house vanilla powder. That one tastes really good as well, though I’d prefer it a little bit less sweet.

It’s sad that they make this limited edition. I’d love to have this all-year round. Hopefully they’d bring this back soon.


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