Lemon Peach Muffins

Seriously, how many reincarnations of lemon muffin can a person make? Countless. I’m obsessed with lemons, and now I’m making another version of my lemon muffins. (Remember my previous Lemon Poppy Seed muffins? Yum!)

After Carrie‘s comment on my first lemon muffin post, about how her lemon mango muffins turned out, it gave me an idea to use peach instead. Peach + Lemon. It’s gotta be good, right?

Good indeed. Yummy peach and lemon zest is a match made in heaven. I really hope you can see that tiny piece of peach at the upper left corner of that muffin. Cause that’s the only shot I got of the muffin. Why just one photo? Cause I got impatient and distracted, and started eating them after that one shot. After that, I totally forgot to take more photos. (Bad blogger!)

I used canned peach, and drained off all the excess syrup that came with it. Even with that, the areas near the peaches were still a teeny bit damp. So next time, I’m going to dry them on a paper towel first before putting them into the batter.

Now, you’re free to rant and complain about my various lemon muffins stunts. But I’d still love you.


2 thoughts on “Lemon Peach Muffins

    • You’re the third person to tell me that they like the muffin case. I picked them up randomly from the baking ingredient shop. Can’t believe I actually picked the one that everyone likes. 😛

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