Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls always remind me of Cinnabon. However, theirs is just way too sweet for me. Geared with my love for cinnamon rolls, I set off to make my own.

Why the “short-ish” cinnamon rolls? I think I tried to make too many rolls out of the amount of dough I have. Greedy cat. Shall double the dough amount next time.

For the filling, I doubled the amount of ground cinnamon and reduced the amount of sugar. To add a bit of contrast in texture, I added a handful of walnuts. And of course, raisins as well.

The end result? Cinnamon heaven. Soft yummy bread, with cinnamon-y sweet filling. And I even glazed the top with a teeny tiny bit of honey, for some extra honey action. This is just perfect with a cup of unsweetened hot tea.


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