Coconut Custard Puff

Recently, my grandmother-in-law gave us a jar of yummy homemade coconut custard/jam. Locally, they are called kaya. It’s basically coconut milk, eggs and sugar cooked till it turn into a custard-ish texture. It’s real yummy, and homemade ones always trump those commercially made ones (of course).

It was a pretty big jar, and I was worried that we might not be able to finish it all up in time. Mind you, there are not preservatives whatsoever in there. So, I decided to make some coconut custard puff.

This is my first attempt at making any kind of puff pastry. Well, they didn’t quite turned out as puffed as I expected, but still acceptable (for my standards). I love how the crust is all crispy. But I’d probably try another recipe for the puff pastry next time.

As for the filling, it’s just straight up coconut custard. One word for it. Yummy! Aside from the must-have coconut milk, egg and sugar, Kai’s grandmother added pandan leaves extract, which she extracted by pounding on the leaves and taking just the juice. This gave the coconut custard a green hue and a whole lot of flavor.


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