Honey Wheat Pound Cake

You know that feeling of having something in your pantry/fridge for too long, and you feel obligated to use it up? Well, that was me last week, looking at that bag of wholemeal flour in my fridge. I still have tons of bread in the freezer, waiting to be consumed, so no point in me making more to stuff up the freezer. After some digging through my bunch of recipes, I found a recipe for Honey Wheat Pound Cake. Score!

Strictly speaking, it doesn’t feel like a pound cake. It’s surprisingly light, given that it’s made with wholemeal flour. The recipe originally called for whole wheat pastry flour. And given that it’s really hard (near impossible) to get that in this part of the world, I just used half all-purpose and half wholemeal flour. Turned out really good.

The honey made it smell so good, and it has that nutty flavor you’d expect from something made with wholemeal flour. Perfect with a cup of black tea.


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