My name is Sze Ling and Blushing Sugar is a collection of all the things I love. I’ve had my fair share of reading about the things my internet-buddies like, so I think it’s time I give back (sort of). Hopefully you’d enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy them myself.


I’ve always have a soft spot for baking. It all started with the nice built-in oven that comes with the place I stay during my 4-year college degree. My philosophy (or rather laziness) is nothing complicated, nothing fancy. Just good home-cooked food.

I’m by no means an expert cook or anything. Just an enthusiastic girl sharing her experience.


The girly girl in me. I’m obsessed with all things beauty: skincare and makeup. My family treat me like the in-house beauty adviser, who doesn’t charge a single cent.

How to pronounce my name? Sze has a silent ‘s’ and a silent ‘e’. So, read it like a letter ‘z’ (the American way). And Ling is just Ling. Easy!